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Okay, we all remember the Avro Arrow, right? Canada's cutting edge jet interceptor was ahead of it's time for the late 1950's...and even though it was never brought to full production, it was a marvel of engineering beauty, and a huge source of pride that still resonates with Canadians to this day.

Frederick's Avro-Sonic harkens back to the dawn of the jet-age, with it's streamlined appearance and angular lines. You almost expect it to take flight of it's own accord!

Designed as a no-nonsense music machine, it is surprisingly comfortable to play, due in part to the sweeping contours of the unique body shape and weight distribution.

Standard pickup options include proprietary offerings from ColMax custom pickups; a pair of Frederick designed P90 sized mini humbucker / gold foils, or ColMax designed overwound lipstick pickups. Custom pickup configurations are absolutely possible, as always. Back-painted pickguards and retro colour palette add to the nostalgic vibe of this guitar. 

See below for full specs...

Standard features

Body;  poplar

Neck; hard maple 

Fretboard; hard maple, rosewood

Scale length; 25 1/2" 

Frets; medium/high Cryowire 

Tuners; Ratio by GraphTech

Nut; Tusq XL by GraphTech

Pickups; ColMax Mini humbucker / gold foil, ColMax                          hot-wound Lipstick 

Bridge; Rutters chopped Tele

Finish; acrylic base and urethane clear (automotive finish,              show car quality) any colour imaginable...


Body wood; mahogany, ash, swamp ash, pine, reclaimed                            pine, etc.  

Figured top; flame maple, quilted maple, walnut, cherry,                            spruce, etc.

Neck; mahogany

Frets; Stainless steel, jumbo etc.

Pickups; any available make or model can be adapted

Bridge; Hipshot hard-tail, Resomax Wrap by GraphTech,                  Hipshot trem, Goldo trem with Tune-O-Matic, or?

Body binding, double body binding, fretboard binding, fabric top, colour-matched headstock, etc.

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