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The one that started it all!

Like any good hot rod, Orbitron looks like it's going a hundred miles an hour, even when it's standing still. Graceful and curvey, this offset style body is very comfortable to play, and is well-balanced in a seated or standing position.

We make these as either a solid body with forearm contour and tummy-cut, or as a semi-hollow body with f-hole detail and radius comfort edge roundover. Binding is optional, as is a custom fabric top finish. Many bridge, pickup, and finish options are available, from subtle to out-of-this-world! 

See below for full specs...

Standard features

Body;  poplar (semi hollow has hard maple top)

Neck; hard maple 

Fretboard; hard maple, rosewood, ebony

Scale length; 24 3/4" 

Frets; medium/high Cryowire 

Tuners; Ratio by GraphTech

Nut; Tusq XL by GraphTech

Pickups; McNelly - P90, Sparkletron, Stagger Swagger,                    various humbucker

Bridge; Hipshot hard tail, Resomax Wrap by GraphTech,                  Rutters chopped Tele

Finish; acrylic base and urethane clear (automotive finish,              show car quality) any colour imaginable...


Body wood; mahogany, ash, swamp ash, pine, reclaimed                          pine, etc.  

Figured top; flame maple, quilted maple, walnut, cherry,                          spruce, etc.

Neck; mahogany

Scale length; 25 1/2"

Frets; Stainless steel, jumbo etc.

Pickups; any available make or model can be adapted

Bridge; Hipshot trem, Goldo trem with Tune-O-Matic, or?

Body binding, double body binding, fretboard binding, fabric top, colour-matched headstock, etc.

Got something special in mind? We're probably up for it!

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