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What if you could have a resonator guitar that was thinner through the body, and came with top-quality pickups and electronics that range from a gentle shimmer to an outright snarl? We asked ourselves that question...and Resotron was the answer!

These are large-ish hollow body guitars that project a great tone, even unplugged. Mahogany wood is used extensively throughout (along with a generous helping of chrome!)  

We use a spider style resonator bridge, with a Schatten Design pickup under the cone.

The neck pickup is a McNelly gold foil, and we opted for a blend pot to dial between the two, allowing for infinite possibilities. 

This is not your grandfather's resonator! This one is dripping with attitude...

Scroll down for full specs...

Standard features

Body;  mahogany - hollow with mahogany top & binding

Neck; mahogany, 3 on a side headstock with black                          painted face

Fretboard; rosewood, ebony with binding

Scale length; 24 3/4" 

Frets; medium/high Cryowire 

Tuners; Ratio by GraphTech

Nut; Tusq XL by GraphTech

Pickups; Schatten Design resonator cone pickup, McNelly Gold Foil or ColMax overwound lipstick

Bridge; Spider resonator with maple saddle

Finish; acrylic base or dye/stain and urethane clear                           (automotive finish, show car quality) any colour                   imaginable...

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