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The Orbitron guitar got so many longing gazes by bassists, that we just had to create a version of the instrument that could hold down the lower register!

This is a short-scale (30") bass, with a jazz type neck profile that makes it easy (and dare we to play. 

Great pains were taken to adapt the Orbitron guitar body to a bass instrument. We were able to calculate the sweet spot for the pickup location by scaling down the Precision bass pickup placement to fit our 30" scale. Nailed it!

Speaking of pickup, this has a custom-made jazz humbucker by ColMax Pickups, and it can really deliver the goods. 

Great things come in small packages...

See below for full specs.

Standard features

Body;  semi-hollow, poplar with maple top

Neck; hard maple 

Fretboard; hard maple, rosewood

Scale length; 30"

Frets; medium/high Cryowire 

Tuners; Hipshot classic open 

Nut; Tusq XL by GraphTech

Pickups; ColMax Mini humbucker / Jazz

Bridge; Goldo saddle-lock

Finish; acrylic base and urethane clear (automotive finish,              show car quality) any colour imaginable...


Body wood; mahogany, ash, swamp ash, pine, reclaimed                            pine, etc.  

Figured top; flame maple, quilted maple, walnut, cherry,                            spruce, etc.

Frets; Stainless steel, jumbo etc.

Pickups; any available make or model can be adapted

Body binding, double body binding, fretboard binding, fabric top, colour-matched headstock, etc.

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